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[23 Nov 2020|08:15pm]


[Filtered away from Lilly Truscott]
So I need some help on black friday? Does that exist here? I need to get a special gift and I am not sure what to buy.

Want to come over early on Thanksgiving? We can watch some football, the parade if it is on, and cook together?
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[23 Nov 2020|09:23pm]


Happy Monday, Galador!

So I've been mostly keeping quiet about this, but now I have everything I need to make this official.

Thursday evening, at 5PM (which is after most Thanksgiving Dinners for some reason), I'm holding a special meal for "strays" at Seventh Heaven in Genovia.

We don't have Thanksgiving where I'm from, but I've done a lot of research and... aside from how it started, I really like what it's become.

I'm going to have the "main" things for the dinner: turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. If you would like to donate another dish to pass for the event, please let me know. We will also be taking monetary donations, that will be going to the Group Home in Freedomtown (has the name changed?).

Note: we do serve alcohol, and will be having drinks for the event. We will card and charge for alcohol. Milk, juice, and soda will be available for free.

Note 2: We now have large screen TVs and will be airing the Cowboys vs Washington game.
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[23 Nov 2020|09:20pm]


Tanner-Gibbler-Fuller House!

I know that we're doing Thanksgiving Dinner at the house. Do we have a time for when we're doing it?
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[23 Nov 2020|05:40pm]


[Amy, Ally, Miranda, Audrey]
Thanksgiving at my place on Thursday. 7pm! Everyone bring a dish! Drinks, too, if you want. And a "dish!" if you have one. Oh and I will be making my famous Cosmos.

I know we just met but would you want to stop by Thanksgiving dinner at my place with some of my friends?
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[23 Nov 2020|05:35pm]


Who wants to feed me on Thanksgiving?

We must hang out again, soon! Ho, ho, ho! Let's go take a picture with Santa this weekend! How fun would that be?

[Queenie!, Paige, Claire, Molly, Twinnie!]
Beyotches! I miss you all! Let's go Black Friday shopping! Is that a thing here?
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[23 Nov 2020|05:28pm]


Do you have any plans this week for Thanksgiving?
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[23 Nov 2020|07:32pm]


Man, I'm getting antsy as hell around here.

We're gonna be heading into the studio in a few days to do a couple tracks for some project Ben's working on, and it's got me all revved up. I need something or someone to do while I'm waiting.
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[23 Nov 2020|07:33pm]


So when you're invited to somebody's house for Thanksgiving are you supposed to bring anything?
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[23 Nov 2020|07:03pm]


I felt a great disturbance in the air last night. Almost like I lost my breath for a few seconds.

Couldn't at all tell you why or how, just... felt something that wasn't there press down on my neck. And no, despite the picture, it wasn't my hands.

Maybe that's just a sign of "I need to find more places to play before Idol starts Season 3 and/or Barb finally forms the rest of the band."
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[23 Nov 2020|05:36pm]


Maggie Grimes

Hey babe! I know you're busy, but just wanted to tell you I'm gonna go hang out with a new friend for a while. Anything you want me to get you while we're out? I could always drop it off for ya.
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[23 Nov 2020|03:47pm]


Private to Josie Saltzman

Before word gets out and the rumors start and believe me, they will, I've started a new relationship. He's a powerful warlock from a different world and about a decade older. We started talking one night and just instantly connected. I'm still being cautious because I can already tell that his magic is a LOT stronger than mine, but it's already going so well.

Private to Kat

So things with Ash have gotten serious. I just told Josie about it. I think it's time we break it to Ellie unless you already told her.
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[23 Nov 2020|12:06am]


So I'm wondering if I can get a tattoo. As a vampire I heal rapidly so I don't know if it's possible.
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[23 Nov 2020|01:52am]


What do I need to know about college here? I know there's schools, but does it work like on Earth? I miss University.
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[22 Nov 2020|08:14pm]


Thanksgiving will be upon us soon and I am kind of excited. On other exciting news I have come to do a decision to audition for Bye Bye Birdie, after Idol I finally got some courage to take my singing to other dimensions. Now, I don't know if I can act, but if I get a part I will certainly try.

So with Thanksgiving, I hope you don't mind if I invited Cedric to join us.

Hey, would you like to join me and my family for Thanksgiving?
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[22 Nov 2020|08:06pm]


I can't wait for everyone to come to the house for Thanksgiving. I am already helping mom clean and get things prepared. Both sides of my family I know the Halliwell clan will be coming….But I would like to call out the Winchester family….I hope that you guys will be coming too. I know Uncle Dean will like all the pie that will be there…..So I hope you guys will come.

I hope to see you there too. And then maybe we could sneak away privately and do a date night or something?
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Trevor [22 Nov 2020|08:01pm]


Can we talk? Nothing bad or anything, just have a question for you.
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[22 Nov 2020|07:33pm]


I am so happy that I will be spending the holidays with my family members. And thank you to the Halliwell clan for taking it over so this year we can give my mother a break. It will be good to see everyone.
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[22 Nov 2020|08:34pm]



Lauren! Tatum! HAAAAAALP.
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[22 Nov 2020|03:12pm]


First time on this thing as a Van Warren. Part of me still can’t believe it.
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[22 Nov 2020|04:45pm]


Steelers Nation, baby!!! Still undefeated, cos' fuck your team.

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