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[29 Oct 2020|08:37pm]


Private to Katie Montes, Chloe Van Warren, and Leslie Shay

Girls? I'm all happy and need to gush a little. You around?
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[29 Oct 2020|01:40am]


I will admit that this was not quite what I was expecting my future to hold when imagining what it could be. I was told that I could stay at what is called the Group Home until I had figured things out a bit. I'm hoping the place is cat friendly for Church's sake.
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[29 Oct 2020|01:09am]


So, Ben invited me to come to the studio and see if singing for a bit might cheer me up.

It didn't. I'm grateful to have him and Skylar trying, though. I did decide to pour a bit of what I'm feeling into a cover though. I love Lady Gaga, and I don't think I've ever felt a song more than I feel this one right now.

Let me know what you think.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ-JYzDjjFA (OOC: we're obviously saying this is Ellis singing)
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[29 Oct 2020|12:16am]


Is there really an age limit on Trick or Treating?
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[28 Oct 2020|10:29pm]


OMG. I had the nicest thing happen today!

I got to the studio to work on a b-side for our next single, and this was waiting for me.

I wish I knew who sent it! All it had on it was my name, care of Full Moon Entertainment.

Whoever sent this, if you're reading this, please know you absolutely made my day.
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[28 Oct 2020|10:18pm]


Guess I was away longer than I thought. I love what you guys have done to the place, though. Do you have a little room for a Space Knight to take an extended vacation? I've claimed one of the ports in Galactic City and I'm going to be getting an apartment there.

Oh yeah... Hey everyone, I'm Janelle, but you can call me Nelly.
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[28 Oct 2020|09:41pm]


It was a good time back home. Got to spent time with my whole family. I even meet Elainna Grayson, the daughter of the mayor of Bludhaven, Richard Grayson.
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[28 Oct 2020|09:37pm]


“In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's light.”
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[28 Oct 2020|06:28pm]


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[28 Oct 2020|07:17pm]


Private to Jenny "Lara Blackheart" Prescott

Hit me with a date for our biggest day, you gorgeous girl you.
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[28 Oct 2020|03:39am]


This is some crazy shit, y'all.

I probably shouldn't be as psyched about it as I am.

Chris Wolfe, former XCW Tag Team Champion and NFW Intercontinental Champion. Can't wait to get to know all y'all.
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[28 Oct 2020|03:27am]


Mama? Papa?

Usagi? Mamo-chan?

Are you here? I'm alone in some big park! And I'm scared
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[28 Oct 2020|02:51am]


I never realized finding a costume was so hard. I'm half tempted just to go to the Monstropolis party in my clothes from home.
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[27 Oct 2020|08:50pm]


the secret society

There's a carnival at my school on Saturday. Do you want to come?
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Come one, Come all! [27 Oct 2020|08:32pm]


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[27 Oct 2020|11:34pm]


Sort of last minute, but I'm officially announcing a costume party for Friday night at Verdant.

16 & up with two bouncers checking IDs at the door. Riley Blue will be in the booth.
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[27 Oct 2020|07:53pm]


Somebody pinch me! I just saw a three-headed alien in the park!!
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[27 Oct 2020|09:46pm]


Private to Shelley Silver

Yo, Shellz. Since you're kinda the mother-hen with our little group, you got a few?
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[27 Oct 2020|08:57pm]


I'm losing my fucking mind. I have to be.

I was walking home from work, and I swear to god I saw Arizona in the park, waving to me with that big, gorgeous smile of hers. I ran toward her.... and there was nothing there.
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[27 Oct 2020|04:13pm]


You know... Dick used to tell me that sometimes the best things happen when you're not even looking for them.

Never really understood what that meant. Until now.
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