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[11 May 2021|09:21pm]


Private to Ariana Valencia

Ms. Valencia? I'm Benjamin Bale, CEO of Full Moon Entertainment. I was wondering if you have a few minutes to chat.
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[11 May 2021|06:06pm]


You know... I'm realizing a few things about myself. I do enjoy music (especially the creating it part), but I don't think I'll ever want to make it a priority in my life. I enjoy building things and doing the Young Avenger thing too much. That's who I am, deep inside.

Any idea what you're gonna name your ship yet? Cos for real: you have to. Totally bad flarkin' luck not to.

Enid Rhee
Bitch, where the flarkin' hell you been? I miss my bestie.

Hey girl! I checked with Ellie, and she's totally cool with letting you check out the ship I built her. Just... do me a favor and gimme a chance to clean it good first, ok? Please trust me on this one.
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[11 May 2021|05:50pm]


Hi everyone!

So, I had an idea. An old friend of mine and her wife are starting up a mental health clinic to help with all the PTSD, depression, anxiety, and more that things like the purge and all the battles and invasions have helped bring on.

I think it's a wonderful idea, so I thought I would make an effort to help them get it together faster. So, to all my fellow performers here: have a song you haven't used on an album yet? Or maybe just a cover that's been floating around in your head that you haven't recorded yet? Put it to good use!

I propose a small album of unreleased songs, with all proceeds going to the clinic and it's creation.
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[11 May 2021|09:47am]


Have any of you ever had those days where you feel like you're in an actual argument with yourself?

Like, having a productive day at physical therapy, knowing you've made progress, and knowing you'll make it eventually, but then there's the other side of you that's just fed up with everything and wants to either go into a nice coma or commit arson.

I can't be the only one with those thoughts, right?

But a bright side, someone introduced me to that British Baking show and I just binged an entire season.
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[10 May 2021|11:54pm]


Hey, peeps. It feels like forever since I've been here. What's been going on in this little planet of ours?
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[11 May 2021|12:19am]


Private to Judith Grimes
Hey, gorgeous. So, I was thinking - this weekend: me, you, and an afternoon picnic at the waterfall. Good food, cuddles, conversation, and maybe more of what happened last time?
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[10 May 2021|07:56pm]


Private to Padme Amidala, Diana Prince, Jane Shepherd, Lord John Grey, & Tony Stark

Greetings. I'm Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo of the Galadorian Army. I have a very important proposition to discuss with you. I have opened this as a group chat, so anything you say here will be seen by everyone I addressed this message to.
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[09 May 2021|10:34pm]


My mama forced being a cheerleader onto me. I went with it, but I've regretted it ever since.

There were people back then that I could have treated better, that I never apologized to for my actions against them back then.

That's probably my lone regret about my time back home.

I still love my mama, though. And I wish I could communicate with her somehow just to let her know I'm OK.
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[09 May 2021|08:57pm]


It just kinda occurred to me that pretty much all my best friends and bandmates are in serious, committed relationships.

Am I missing out on something that awesome here?
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Katie's Journal: Mother's Day [09 May 2021|06:52pm]


It's been a while, journal...

Today's Mother's Day, and seeing everyone wishing everyone else a happy one of those, it got me thinking... I never got to be a mom back where I came from. I was never ready to be one. I was never in the right headspace to truly be a parent.

To be blunt, I'm still not ready right now either before you get any ideas, Jenny! :P. My current situation isn't enough to support that, but I feel like it's a far more attainable goal here eventually... and I want that with Jenny. Because Jenny's my everything. I don't know if I'd be so ready to admit that here without her.

In fact, I think I'd still be the scared girl I was when I was sucked into this place without Jenny. But I don't have to play hypotheticals about that. Because she's here. And she'd make an amazing mother. I know she would. Can't you tell I'm in love? XP

Speaking of Mother's Day, my and Annie's mom Jodie wasn't perfect. She got around in her earlier years. She and my biological Dad were both druggies before they had me and Annie, which makes me feel bad for Michael that he didn't get to see what true parents looked like until it was too late. But by the time me and Annie were into elementary school, she had become a true parent to us.

I love and miss that woman every day she crosses my mind. She looked exactly like Princess Leia, and I bet Jenny would have loved her just for that. And Jodie would have loved Jenny, too. Like how she loved my first girlfriend Stacy.

I hope when the time comes that me and Jenny get to be parents that we're like Jodie without the previous baggage.

I love and miss you, Jodie Elena Calico-Montes.
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[09 May 2021|06:05pm]


Ok, I can admit when I'm wrong.

I officially take back any snarky comment I ever made about people who talk about how happy they are dating someone. I've smiled more in the last few days than I have in the last 16 years.
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[09 May 2021|05:37pm]


Is it normal to randomly feel lonely enough that you miss a seriously toxic ex?

Because I found myself thinking about Adrianna last night, and she was damn near a stalker.
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[09 May 2021|05:14pm]


So, apparently today's a holiday in this world dedicated to mothers. I wish all words had something like that, to be honest.

It's no secret that mothers have played a big part in my life. My own mother, Shmi, was the greatest woman I've ever known. She loved me unconditionally, and did her best to always give me the best life possible, even when we were slaves on Tattooine. Not being able to save her life still haunts me to this day.

And of course, there's Padme. My everything, and the mother of my children. No disrespect meant to being a Jedi, but being loved by Padme is the most important thing in my life, and the thing I take the most pride in.

So, Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there who have children and do your best for them every day.
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[09 May 2021|04:57pm]


Gotta love the conversation I had with Peter Quill yesterday at the Mos Eisley Cantina:

Quill: "Alright, Sammy-Boy. I guess you're wondering why I asked you to come here."

Me: "Honestly, Star-Lord, sir... I have no idea."

Quill: "You just turned 18! Time to take you out for drinks like a man!"

Me: ".....Mr. Quill? That's 21. I'm not old enough to legally drink yet."

Quill: "Wait. Seriously?"

Me: "Yep."

Quill: "................well shit."
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[09 May 2021|04:23pm]


Wow. Everything always kinda happens at once, doesn't it?

I have a lot of changes in my life coming up extremely soon, but most of them I can't quite talk about just yet.

But one big one? Once Rachelle has her baby, she said that she wants to focus more on being a mom and getting back into acting. Meaning A Woman Scorned is going to be more of a part-time project. I'll always be there for Chelle when she wants to do an album, but with her blessing, I've agreed to become the new drummer for Eternal Embrace, effective immediately.

I've always been extremely fond of Kaitlyn Crowe, and I've wanted to work with her for a while now. This is going to be an exciting and fun new time for me, and I can't wait to get started.

Thanks again to Rachelle for supporting me, for saving me, and for always being there for me, and to Kaitlyn for giving me this new opportunity.
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[09 May 2021|03:56pm]


Just wanted to take a moment out of the afternoon to wish a very Happy Mother's Day to my mom, best friend, and role model - the beeeeeeeeeeeeeee-YOO-tiful Dr. April Kepner!

Love you Mommy!!! Anything Bucky and I can do for you today?
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[09 May 2021|03:48pm]


Happy Mother's Day, mom. Wherever you are right now... I hope you remember me.

Because god knows in a few hours I'm gonna be so fucking bombed that I won't be able to remember anyone.
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[09 May 2021|08:30am]


Happy Mothers Day to my beautiful wife and mother of my children. I love you, wifey. Brooke you are the best thing to happen to me.
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[09 May 2021|08:24am]


How are you holding up today, Mothers Day, you know. Happy Mothers Day anyway, babe. I am honored that you are the mother to our children.
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[09 May 2021|09:08pm]


Well, fuck. It's May already. How did that happen?


In celebration of Mother's Day, and until the end of May, "Tattoo You" will offer a 30% discount to any mother who wants a tattoo to celebrate the little person/persons in their lives.

E-mail consultations preferred, but walk-ins welcome.

Private to Matthew Delallo

Dinner soon? Double date? Promise not to fuck it up.

OK. That's a lie.

Promise to be entertaining?
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